It’s almost a year old now, but I do want to remind you of Gary Lemco’s long and highly detailed review, which begins “Nadia Reisenberg’s 1950’s Haydn program receives new and astonishingly clear gloss from Roméo Records.” Within it we read that “Each of the sets of variations demonstrates both the composer’s inventive spontaneity and Reisenberg’s deft arsenal of keyboard technique: sturdily aggressive, focused, and eminently clear in architectural delivery.” Gary examines most of the variations and each of thee sonatas in turn, offering similarly extravagant praise, and ending by saying that “Reisenberg invests the finale (of the Sonata #60) with mirth, music-box clarity, and eminently polished elan.” Gary Lemco has also devoted one of his Los Angeles radio programs to this and other NR performances.

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